Turnagain FR80 Fat Bike Rims


turnagain FR80_1_web.jpg



The aluminum, 80mm-wide Turnagain FR80 fat bike rims are single-walled rims designed to securely hold 3.8" to 4.8" tires in place with a standard tube setup. This fairly simple task is accentuated by style—Turnagain rims come in anodized red, silver, blue and black.  The color schemes and laser etched logos combined with cutout holes to show off your choice of rim strips make the blingin’ abilities of our FR80s nearly endless.


Beyond good looks, the FR80s feature 64 eyeleted spoke holes.  Compared to other fat bike rims on the market without eyelets, the FR80s can be built much more true and tensioned to a higher spec.  They are compatible with both offset frame designs and standard symmetrical rear hub designs.  Put short, the FR80s are all about excellent build quality, superb versatility, and some damn fine looks.







                                                                        MSRP: $140 per rim

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